Terms of Service

“We Serve Churches” is the short mission statement of the Tennessee Baptist Mission Board (TBMB). The longer version is “Making Christ Known by Serving Churches.” As part of the ministry of serving churches, we provide this site for cooperating Tennessee Baptist and Southern Baptist churches to post openings for church ministry and staff support positions. The TBMB retains the sole right to allow or restrict churches to post any position to the job board.

We are aware of God's promises and provision to those seeking His will for ministry and life. We provide resources for pastor search committees and/or human resource teams seeking to fill ministry positions in their church, believing that the Lord most often uses human means to accomplish His purposes. We also recommend consultants who will meet with committees to offer training and materials that will facilitate the search process.

Resumes and Referrals
Seeking and finding church employment is a dynamic process, which involves the spiritual disciplines of listening to God, prayer, and being continually sensitive to His guidance.

Hundreds of requests come into our office from churches seeking biographical data on individuals willing to accept new ministry challenges. The job board contains a centralized repository for prospective ministers and other church staff to upload biographical information for distribution to churches upon request. The resume repository is only visible to the individual who has uploaded a resume; but once uploaded, the person seeking a position is able to forward the resume digitally to any church position which matches the skill sets and position to which the individual feels qualified and called.

Churches seeking qualified applicants may make request for an automated matching of specific fields and parameters in the minister-submitted resume with criteria requested by the church regarding education, experience, and other pertinent ministry data. This is but one small part of the means through which a church and a minister or other church employee may become aware of each other’s need. The TBMB does not screen those who upload resumes to this system, relying on each local church’s search process to determine whether a particular applicant meets the church’s criteria for pastoral or other church staff leadership positions.

Our personal and professional knowledge of those who upload resumes into the system is often limited and the fact that we have provided this job board service does not represent an endorsement of a particular individual or church and does not constitute a reference about competency to minister. Names and situations are shared in good faith with the prayer that God will use these efforts to introduce Baptist churches to people qualified and eager to serve. Diligence should always mark the pastor or church staff search process. References should be secured in every instance and should be verified along with other background information.

Resumes contain privileged information and should not be shared with anyone outside your church search team or committee. Selecting a church minister, whether a pastor or staff member, is a Kingdom task. Each church must covenant in prayer to seek the guidance of the Holy Spirit in these matters.

Privacy Statement
The Tennessee Baptist Mission Board is committed to protecting your privacy and providing a safe online experience with our site. Because we gather certain types of information about the users of the Tennessee Baptist Mission Board job board, we believe you should fully understand our information gathering and dissemination practices. This privacy statement discloses what information we gather, how we use it, and how to correct or change it.

Contact Information
Our site's registration form requires you to enter contact information (such as your name and email address). We will not disclose any of your personal information to any outside parties except with your consent as described in the Personal History section below.

Personal History
You may store your personal information such as previous employers, education, and resume in our database. This stored information can be used by you to fill out applications for jobs posted on our site without having to retype the information. You will always have the option of changing your information for a particular job application before submitting it to a prospective employer.

Resume Search
Your information can also be used by employer registrants upon request to find qualified job applicants by initiating an automated process that matches specific fields and parameters in the minister-submitted resume with criteria requested by the church regarding education, experience, and other pertinent ministry data. You have the option as to whether you want to allow your information to be matched with churches making such a request.

Job Visits
We track number of times jobs posted on our site are displayed, but only in the aggregate. We do not track which individual users display a particular job.

IP Address
We may use your IP address to help diagnose problems with our servers, and to administer our Web site. We will not track any other information regarding your IP address.

Changing or Deleting Information
You may change any of your contact or personal information at anytime. You may also use the Your Account option to delete your registration information including your contact and personal information. You are always welcome to re-register with us at a later date.

Contacting Us
If you have any questions regarding our privacy policy or practices, please Contact Us.